An Online Contest in China: Robo Rugby 7s

  • Time:2020-12-31 17:05

(Summary description)

An Online Contest in China: Robo Rugby 7s

(Summary description)

  • Time:2020-12-31 17:05

The 19th China Robocon was held on Nov. 6-8, 2020 online by use of the Tencent Meeting, and the contest was live webcasted to all interested audiences with the help of the Bilibili website.

Considered that the teams' preparation activities for the contest were interrupted for about nine months as the epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia, and a real game field was hard set in the campus for the room limitations, some simplifications, such as the game field and the robot actions, were made based on the real ABU Robocon 2020 rulebook to encourage more teams to participate. Two basic robot missions, Pass and Goal Kick, were selected to display the strength of the team in the contest. Finally, 75 universities completed the contest safely, orderly and wonderfully. The referees and the contestants kept real-time communications through the Tencent Meeting. The audience watched through the live broadcast platform, and the anchorman explained the whole process.

Information flow of the online contest


The live video displays the serial number and name of the participating team, the images from different visual angles, the referees and the commentators. After a match ends, the screen will be switched to the scores get by the team. During this online contest, there are up to 9346 audiences watching the live video at the same time. The online contest gained considerable attention and high acclaim from the university students and the audiences. The samples of the live screen are shown separately in the following two pictures.

Screen of live video

Screen displaying team name and its scores


The team in the contest joins Tencent meeting through three mobile phones setting on tripod each. The video images of the contest are taken from their cameras with different visual angles. One of them shows the entire game field, the other two are concerned about the actions of the robots, as shown in the following pictures.

Images from three different cameras

An image taken by a camera


The successful holding of the online contest mainly profits from the arrangement and attempt for judge and live.


The registration and inspection referees and the referee group work in two independent video meeting rooms. Therefore, they do not disturb each other. The registration and inspection referees are mainly responsible for checking the team's game field, robot size and weight.  The contest referee group is in charge of commanding, judging and scoring, etc. And, each team appoints an assistant referee to cooperate with the referee group.

Registration and inspection referees

Contest referee group


Live Video

There is a special live video room for the anchormen to explain the game rules, the contest process, the wonderful moments and the scores to the audiences. Usually, there are 2 anchormen/anchorwomen interacting with the audiences at the same time.

Anchorman in the live room


It is a new attempt to hold the robotic contest on internet. If you are interested in the 19th China Robocon online contest, please watch the contest video clips of Harbin Institute of Technology attached below.


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