The gleaming Gentleman’s Six Skills

  • Time:2020-09-08 10:09

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The gleaming Gentleman’s Six Skills

(Summary description)

  • Time:2020-09-08 10:09

Perhaps you don't know, in selecting "Touhu" as the theme of ABU ROBOCON 2021, it has a twining brother called "Gentleman's Six Skills"!
Although the "Gentleman's Six Skills" did not reach the game field of Robocon 2021, it is very interesting to use robots to show the skills and have the diversity of robot tasks. Here, talking about it perhaps is helpful for the future Robocon.
If Robocon held in China, of course there must be a Chinese story. The Zhou Dynasty, which began in 1046 BC, established the Chinese education system. Its official school required students to master six basic talents, namely courtesy, music playing, shooting, driving, penmanship and math. The Confucian classic book《Zhou·Liji》said: " The students should be taught with the six skills to make them understand the correct thinking system and the way to do things." Confucius, a great thinker, educator and founder of Confucianism in ancient China, believed and sparkplugged six skills all his life.
The ancient West also had seven “la liberalaj artoj” similar to those of ancient China: i.e. grammar, rhetoric, logic, music, geometry, arithmetic and astronomy. In the late Middle Ages, in Europe, the six skills that the knight or Cavalier began to learn from the beginning of the novitiate were swordsmanship, riding, swimming, hunting, chess, and poetry, used to exercise fighting capacity, survival, tactics and thinking, and edify sentiment.
It can be seen that it is vital important to master some skills whenever and wherever. A creative society calls for all kinds of skills! 


Game field for Gentleman's Six Skills

A square game field, as shown above, is divided into two equal half-areas for red and blue teams respectively. In each half-area, there are a robot R1 start zone, a garage for storing robot R2 and an archery zone consisting of AZ1 and AZ2, a serpentine path of 50 mm above the ground and a gong rack in which three gongs with different diameters are suspended. 


Target and arrow

There are three targets with different heights at the central fence that separates the two half-areas. Some permanent magnets are embedded in each target. Score object is arrow of 350mm in total length, and its top is embedded with soft iron material.
Each team has to design and build two robots. One of them is a wheeled or tracked mobile robot R1, and the other is a robot R2 that has no driving force but can perform some operations. R2 must be pulled by R1 to move.
Before the game starts, the team members draw lots to determine the order in which the gongs are struck. After start of each match, the robots must complete six tasks in the following order.
⑴ Saluting(courtesy):After start, R1 arrives at the garage to meet and connect to R2. It symbolizes that R1 shakes hands with R2, salutes to R2 and invites R2 (courtesy) to complete the subsequent tasks together.
⑵ Archery(shooting):When R2 enters into the archery zone completely, it can shoot arrow to anyone of three targets to show its archery skill.
⑶ Driving:After R2 shoots two arrows, despite of the target is hit or not, R1 must pull R2 out of the archery zone and enter this zone again after passing through a serpentine path. R2 can fully demonstrate its mastery skills on the serpentine path.
⑷ Target Checking(math):After all 6 arrows are launched, R1 brings R2 to the gong rack and they can separate with each other. R1 observes the hitting status and calculates the score.
⑸ Target Reporting(penmanship):R1 uses its own prepared white board marker to write the score of the archery task on a white board erected on the central target. But, don't make mistake, of course don't forget to give a sign to R2.
⑹ Music Playing:After R2 receives the sign, it rings the three gongs on the gong rack with the order determined by the drawing of lots before the game. Then, the game ends.
Do you find the features of this "Gentleman's Six Skills"?
⑴ Both technical inheritances, such as throwing, traveling on the serpentine road and the vehicle without active driving force, but also technical innovations, such as pulling vehicle, archery and writing.
⑵ Slow the pace of the game. Easy to understand and have fun.
⑶ Suitable for teams with large differences in technical level, and also giving a large space for innovation.
⑷ Encourage two robots to cooperate with each other, promote technological development.
How's it? Interesting? Do you have any more creative ideas? Let's have a look!


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