ABU Asia-Pacific Robot Contest
2021 Jimo, China
Theme and Rules
Throwing Arrows into Pots 
~The ABU Robocon 20th Anniversary Game~
As well known, the epidemic situation in 2021 of new coronavirus pneumonia is hard to be predicted. If the real contest can’t be held in Jimo, China, we can only replace it with online contest instead. At the request of the ABU Robocon Tokyo Secretariat, this rulebook for online game, as “Plan B”, should be released with ABU ROBOCON 2021 real game rules at the same time. The Figures of Game Field for real contest are suitable for the online contest, except 3 figures stated in the appendix 3 of online rulebook. The download linkages are provided as follows.

Address:No. 18567, Jing Shi Road, Lixia District, Jinan, Shandong Province, China

Host : SDRT